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How to Sleep Less But Not Feel Sleepless

Sleep is a very important part of our life and sometimes even though we sleep enough, we cannot rest enough. As far as we know, sleeping at least 7 hours is the optimal period to get relaxed and start the next day filled with energy. Unfortunately, modern society is sometimes too busy to sleep that much. But we have found some tricks that will help you rest even though you sleep less.

  1. Influence your sleep

Try to absorb as much natural light as possible. You can start early in the morning by opening all the windows and continue when you go out by letting your sunglasses at home.

  1. Drink water

Water influences your sleep too. By hydrating your body, you actually help it rest during the night. Make sure though that you go to bed two hours after you have eaten or drank something.

Another important aspect in this case is alcohol and coffee consumption. The less you consume, the better you will sleep.

  1. Do some sport

Now, you don’t have to kill yourself working out. A simple walk in the park or a morning jogging will save your life. Trust me!

  1. Respect a strict schedule

Going to bed at a certain hour is crucial, if you want to stay fresh all the time. In other words, stop thinking that if you sleep a lot in the weekend after a sleepless week you will manage to restore your body its balance. Wrong!

  1. How much o sleep?

It is a question that I am sure all of us has asked at a certain point. To be honest, I don’t think there is one. This depends a lot of one’s system. However, you can try this: try to wake up some minutes later than usual. If you feel dizzy, then sleep 10 minutes less. You will see that you will wake up more relaxed.