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Natural home remedies: Back pain

If you are willing to replace the pills with natural homemade remedies, we are here to help you with some tips.

  1. In order to relieve pain, you can use ice packs but also warm compresses. It is recommended to respect this order: first comes the ice, then the heat. For warm compresses, you should use a towel soaked in hot water – wring it and apply it on the painful area. There should pass 48 hours between the 2 methods (cold vs. hot). They will stimulate your blood circulation and also relax your muscles and reduce swelling.

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  1. Backaches are often caused by an incorrect posture. Try to find the best posture that fits you, the one that stresses on your back lesser. It is indicated to stand and then to alternatively lean back and forward, until you find the most comfortable position for your spinal column.
  2. A great help in the process of relieving pain could be a massage. It is advisable to ask someone to massage your back – a special cream or ointments can be used. Tip: put several tennis balls into a sock and use it as a device to improve the massage.
  3. Products (either creams or pills) that contain a substance also contained by hot peppers, namely capsaicin, are highly recommended for your backache. They produce heat and thus relieve the pain. It is indicated to cease using them if they irritate your skin.
  4. There is an enzyme that both stimulates circulation and reduces swelling: bromelain. Take 500mg of it every day, 3 or 4 times a day, after each meal (you should wait an hour after you eat and then take it).
  5. It is not recommended to take sedatives in order to relieve your pain. Anyway, there is a natural sedative, valerian. You can either make valerian tea, but it smells very strong and bad, so you’ll probably prefer the capsules – take them 4 times a day.

Natural home remedies: Back pain

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