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How to cleanse lungs after quitting smoking?

Even if you quit smoking, your lungs need recovery and it falls to you to take care of that. The fact that you live a life without cigarettes helps in itself. Anyway, you can do certain things in order to clear the mucus from your lungs.


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  1. Helpful aliments: the aliments which help you clear the mucus are garlic, cayenne and ginger. This is because they contain allicin and also because they function as antibiotics. It is recommended to eat raw garlic, in order not to alter its properties.
  1. The irritants in the air, such as pollen, deodorants, barbecue smoke should be avoided as much as possible. You should even consider the wearing of a mask when the pollution in the air is at a high level.
  1. The consumption of 3 cups of green tea a day is recommended and encouraged, because of its antioxidant properties, which will help you to cleanse your lungs.
  1. It is highly recommended to consume lots of fruits and vegetables, in order to replace the bad habits with the ones which are beneficial for your health. Improving your general health status automatically means healing your lungs.
  1. Sports as yoga and pilates, which are related to breathing, are also helpful in your attempt to recover after a period in which you have smoked.

The body has the power to recover itself and the toxins are usually eliminated in two weeks time, but the tips above will definitely help you not only to accelerate the process, but also to live a healthy life.

How to cleanse lungs after quitting smoking?

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