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Home Remedies for Joint Pain

There are lots of causes which can underlie the joint pain, ranging from gout and osteoarthritis to injuries such as sprains and strains, which affect your ligaments. Your knees, hips and shoulders are the parts of the body most exposed to this kind of pain. Sometimes, the joint not only aches, but it is also swelling.

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Sever joint pain is not to be treated at home – you should consult a doctor and take adequate medicine. Anyway, for mild pain, there are remedies that you can deal with at home.

  1. Massages

They stimulate blood circulation and thus relieve pain and reduce swelling. You can use warm oils (castor oil, garlic oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, etc.) when massaging the affected area.

  1. Hot and cold compresses

The hot compresses should be applied on your skin for 3 minutes and the cold ones for a single minute. Alternate them, but never apply them directly on your skin – only wrapped in a towel.

  1. Fenugreek

A teaspoon of fenugreek seeds swallowed with water can work miracles for your joint pains, due to the anti-inflammatory properties of these seeds.

  1. Turmeric

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of this spice make it useful in healing joint pains. If you do not want to take pills that contain it, you can prepare your own medicine, by mixing a teaspoon of turmeric with honey and then dissolve it in a glass of milk. Drink this mixture once a day.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

It stimulates the elimination of toxins from your joints. 2-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar are to be mixed with honey and dissolved in warm water; drink the mixture before your meals, 3 times a day. You can also massage the affected area with apple cider vinegar mixed with olive oil.

  1. Cayenne

Due to its rich content of capsaicin, cayenne pepper is also good in healing joint pains, being a natural analgesic. 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper, mixed with half a cup of coconut oil will form a paste which you can apply on the affected area and left there for 20 minutes before washing it off.

  1. Epsom salt

Two cups of Epsom salt mixed in your bath water will relieve the pain – you should take 3 baths a week (each of 20 minutes). It detoxifies the cells and increases the level of magnesium in your body.

  1. Garlic

Due to its rich content of selenium and sulfur, it reduces the pains caused by arthritis. Either you eat it raw or cooked, it is very beneficial for your joints’ health. An alternative could be the supplements containing garlic.

You could also use garlic oil to massage the affected areas.

  1. Ginger

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is very helpful when it comes to relieving the joint pains. You can either drink ginger tea, or mix ginger with turmeric and fenugreek powder and take a teaspoon of the mixture twice a day.

  1. Stinging nettle

It is not exactly known why this herb is helpful in healing pains, but it is obvious that it reduces inflammation. You can either drink tea made of nettle leaves or put the leaves directly on the affected area and keep them there for 30 seconds once a day.

In order for these remedies to be efficient, it is recommended to keep using them for a week or more.

Home Remedies for Joint Pain

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