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Get Rid of Blackheads in 5 Minutes

Blackheads are very unaesthetic, either you have them all the time or only in particular periods of your life, it is natural to want to get rid of them. Because the strips found on market which are supposed to help you eliminate the blackheads do not function all the time, we have a natural remedy for you.

But first of all… what are blackheads?

They are, in fact, nothing more than what we see: black points that appear at the surface of our skin, without affecting its deeper tissue. They usually appear on your face, ears and back, but it is not impossible to find them in other areas of your body. The factor that stimulates their appearance is constituted by the numerous sweat glands located in the mentioned areas.


There are numerous causes that can underlie the appearance of blackheads. Among them, there are factors as oily skin or hair, hormonal problems, inadequate diet or clogged glands/pores.

So, what you should do on a daily basis is to eat as healthy as possible and, of course, to wash your face even twice a day. Anyway, there is a solution specially directed to the removal of blackheads.


You need half a lemon and few drops of honey. What do you have to do? Nothing easier: poor the honey on the sliced lemon and rub with face with it, insisting on the affected areas (usually the nose and the chin). After 5 to 7 minutes, wash your face with cold water, in order to close the pores. That’s it![/expand]

Get Rid of Blackheads in 5 Minutes