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Brown vs White Eggs — Is There a Difference?

People like diversity and they tend to choose even when they want to buy some eggs. Depending on their preferences, they may choose white or brown eggs. But what is the difference? In order to know which is better you need to know what properties has each. The supermarkets offer you a great variety of brown and white eggs.

If you were wondering which is the cause of the different color, we have the answer for you: the way in which the chickens are breed. In other words, the genetics is the main responsible for the egg coloring. However, other factors such as diet or stress, can determine their color as well.

Most people believe that the brown eggs are healthier than the white ones, but the truth is that there is no nutritional difference between the color of the shell. Both types are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, the slight difference that exists is of pigmentation. In other words, it is the environment in which the hen is held and the feed she is given that may increase or decrease the level of vitamin D present in the egg.

Other people highlight the fact that brown eggs have a more pronounced taste than white ones. Wrong too.  Again, the difference is established by what feed is given, how fresh are the eggs or how they are cooked.  For instance, people think that an egg produced by a hen raised at home is different from the one bought in the supermarket, produced by hens raised in farms. They are different, yes, but only because the hens are fed differently and they may be even fresher.

So, you have seen that the color of the egg is of no importance. But what should we take into consideration when we buy eggs?

They need to be organic. By organic we mean that they are raised without antibiotics or hormones that would speed up their growth. In theory, they shouldn’t be much different from other eggs, except for the level of vitamin D present in the egg. This is taken from the sun, as these hens are supposed to enjoy freedom and the sunshine.

Even if there is no nutritional difference between brown and white eggs, there is certainly a difference in price. The brown eggs may be more expensive particularly because they come from hens raised and fed differently.