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Bring Down a Fever Naturally With These Home Remedies

Even if many of us panic each time they have fever, it is good to know that fever is a natural thing that occur as a result of an irregularity in your system. It is your body’s way of informing you that something is wrong and that he tries to fight it.

In case of high fever, you can take some pills, but if your fever is not that high (up to 38.3 degrees Celsius), you can opt for natural remedies which are more effective than drugs, and they do not have side effects.

Take a bath

A bath with tepid water will help you cool down the fever. As your body is hot, you will feel the water cold, reducing the temperature. Avoid using cold water thinking that you will decrease the temperature faster. You will make it worse.

Alternatively, you can use a wet towel on your forehead to cool down the heat of your body.

Have some tea

There are teas meant to maintain your body in balance.

Consume some yarrow tea. It will stimulate the sweating so that you eliminate all the toxins accumulated. Simply boil 1 tbsp of dried leaves into water and consume once it goes cold.

You can also drink some ginger tea. Similar to yarrow tea this one also increases the sweating. Boil ½ tsp of ginger to a glass of water and drink warm.

Elderflower tea is known to treat colds and flu, but it is very effective in combating fever. Prepare some tea by boiling 2 tsp of dried herb in 1 glass of water. Consume three glasses a day for optimal results.

Wet your socks

This remedy comes from old times, but it has proven right every time it was used. All you need to do is soak a pair of cotton socks in cold water, then wear them when you go to bed. Cover your feet with a pair of woolen socks so that you stimulate blood circulation.

Eat spicy

Did you know that you can combat fever with spicy food? Well, the content of capsaicin stimulates sweating and blood flow, two ingredients that reduce the high temperature of your body.

Drink water

One of the causes of fever can be dehydration. This means that you do not drink the recommended 2 liters of water each day. It’s time you did this! You will re-establish the fluid and mineral balance. You can also hydrate your system with citrus fruit juices. They are rich in vitamin C, a powerful ingredient that fights the infections in your body.

Cover yourself in wet clothes

This remedy is quite old and many specialists say that it can be dangerous if we use cold water. Instead, they recommend you soak the bed sheet in some warm water in order to reduce the high temperature. After covering your body with the wet sheet, cover yourself with a blanket and rest until the wet sheets become warm.