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13 Ways You Can Purify Your Lungs Naturally

We tend to ignore our lungs and we are usually not aware of the extent in which they are exposed to pollution. It is recommended to regularly detoxify your lungs, in order your organism to function properly. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

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  1. Quit smoking – this is the first step towards healthy lungs.
  2. 2. Give up dairy, in order to eliminate the toxins from your body.
  3. Drink green tea before going to bed, it prevents constipation and you can thus avoid things that are tiring for your lungs.
  4. Lemons – mix their juice (which can also be replaced with pineapple or cranberries juice) with warm water and drink a glass of the mixture before breakfast.
  5. Carrot juice – 300ml of it before lunch, for alkalizing and detoxifying your body.
  6. Potassium – take it from fruits such as oranges, bananas, cantaloupes and also from vegetables like tomatoes, spinach or carrots.
  7. Ginger – it unclogs the respiratory tract. It is advisable to eat it raw, but you can also make tea or take a bath, adding ginger powder in the water. So, you’ll eliminate toxins through sweating.
  8. Antioxidants – it is recommended to drink 400ml of pineapple/cranberries juice before going to sleep.
  9. Hot showers – they’ll make you sweat, so they help you eliminate toxins.
  10. Oregano – it cleanses the respiratory tract when sprinkled on food or drinks.
  11. Peppermint – it has decongestant properties. If you want to prevent infections that cause bacteria in your lungs, chew 3-5 peppermint leaves a day.
  12. Yoga – if you breath deeply for half an our a day, this will remove the impurities from your lungs.
  13. Healthy foods – include them on your diet. The most recommended are: water, veggies, apples, along with those mentioned above.

13 Ways You Can Purify Your Lungs Naturally

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